BAND - Other Day

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The music of Other Day can be seen as an unique mixture of Dark Wave, Ambient, Electronic Avantgarde, Neoclassical elements and Neuer Deutscher Todeskunst.
SAD (Gerd Finster) - Composition, Vocals
Sad is the founder and creative mastermind behind Other Day. Since more than 25 years he is responsible for the unique sound of the band.  
Niha-C├ęta - Cello, Vocals
Since 2007 Niha and her cello are part of the band. Recently she also can be seen (and heard) behind the microphone.
Besides the music she loves to create jewelry for her shop Papilionem Nigrum.
For shows Other Day is usually complemented by the following artists.
BASTI - Bass
If he isn't sharing the stage with Other Day, Basti is playing Metal Core with Nesaia. Besides this he is also a passionated photographer.
UWE - Guitar
Also Uwe usually makes contrasting music. Since more than 25 years he is part of the Punk Band Die Ostsibirischen Schnarchschnecken.
If you want to book us for a performance, please get in touch.

We travel with our own sound engineer and usually bring some additional props for the light show with an operator as well. We also love to bring some tribal fusion dancers with us, as far as the stage is big enough for them.
We love everything that is unusual, also unusual concert locations.
Let's create something magical together!
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